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Hi, my name is Julia Shackelford.

I was born and raised in a small town in Arkansas.  I moved to Little Rock in 2014 and met the love of my life.  We started a family in 2019 and decided to Pursue YouTube in mid 2020.  I’ve always found a reason to smile and be thankful in every situation.  One of my many goals in life is to create a life for our children so they will have more than we did when we were younger.  I believe that anything can be achieved if you want it bad enough and you continue to put God first.

Favorite Product — Wholly Gold

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RoyaltyByRoots LLC, Royal Ambassador program is an all-inclusive and exclusive membership to the upmost elite supporters who positively and effectively influence in their community. Here at RoyaltyByRoots LLC, we want you; the passionately engaged in promoting a healthy lifestyle to embody our lifestyle with good intentions to become a reputable health influencer and advocate for your community! Click 'JOIN US' to begin your journey to assist with spreading the abundance of natural health to the global masses.

Tastee Shines

Meet Your Spiritual Bestie, Tastee Shines! I am 26 years old from Little Rock, Arkansas. I have a loving older sister with 2 beautiful nieces who are my best friends. I have a strong empathy for others and enjoy reading Tarot, being a Spiritual Guide, dancing, and connecting with other heart-based programs that feed into creating a Healthy Community Unit! I believe in being a student always. I feel as we can learn from everything and everyone, if we’re open to it! My favorite products are the Stem Oil and Tut Oil! These products haves been a big help to my family and I.

Favorite Product — Stem Oil
and Tut Oil


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