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Imagine getting up and starting your day in a world without numbers?
Have you ever wondered why a certain number has a vibration and why each number has it's own consciousness? 
The word number derived from the latin word "Nombre" which translates to NAME. Numerology is about opening your identity, as to who you are, and what you represent within the sphere of your consciousness.
Numerology is the study of each number vibration and how it affects our environment, personality, and personal relationships. Numerology is a spiritual practice that can bring utmost awareness by getting deeply into secrets of the Universe in a scientific/mathematical way that can enable self discovery. This is important to learn because it will help you understand why certain vibrations don't match up with your own. It also explores the psychological stance of each individual .
A Numerology chart consist of 6 important numbers, which are called your CORE numbers. The 6 CORE numbers of each person determines personality traits, deepest internal needs, life purpose, and highlighting weaknesses and strengths. The 6 CORE numbers are the following:
1.) Life Path Number
2.) Birthday Number
3.) Attitude Number
4.) Expression Number 
5.) Soul Urge 
6.) Personality Number
Numerology consist of two systems to convert letters to numbers, which are the Pythagorean and the Chaldean. The Pythagorean is the most common way, but I personally follow the Chaldean system because this to me is the most accurate and ancient system.  
Numerology has been around since the sixth century B.C. and has been used throughout the ages to reveal the secrets of personality to determine the numerical vibrations surrounding different aspects of life. Feel connected to your higher self. Reclaim. Believe. Rise. 

life path number

The flow of your life. Understanding the ups and downs of your life and finding your life purpose.

expression number

birthday number

The gift.

Understanding what are your natural talents, abilities, and skills.

attitude number

Attitude number

Reflects the outward appearance or first impression that you give the outer world



Considered to be our outer personality; a combination of what we think (our intellect) and what we feel (motivation).

Soul urge number

Represents your inner self . Your desires, likes/dislikes, motivators, and needs.



Defines your characteristics, traits, qualities, and vibrations you send to the outer world.

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